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Presidential PowerOne man has it, another is scheming to get it, a third is doing all he can to avoid it.

Presidential Power back and cover for we

About the book

Democrat Mitch McCoy was elected President of the United States in a bizarre 2016 election. When no candidate garnered the requisite 270 electoral votes, the decision was left to the House of Representatives who saw McCoy as the best of three options. In over his head, McCoy is now struggling to find his bearings in the Oval Office. Most realize he doesn’t have what it takes.
Meanwhile, in a jail cell in rural Wyoming, Victor Youngblood, head of the world’s most dangerous criminal enterprise and former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, is concocting a plan, not only to garner his freedom but also to ascend to the most powerful office in the world, an office he has been plotting for over 40 years to attain.
In the jungles of Brazil, Elijah Mustang is seeking peace. As an independent wild-card candidate in the 2016 election, Mustang outgained both Democrat and Republican candidates; but in the end, he secured only 268 electoral votes, two shy of being elected president. With the election taking its toll on Mustang, he wants to avoid the spotlight and live a quiet life of service. However, the same country that called him to run still yearns for his leadership in the highest office in the land. Can he avoid it?
Presidential power is beckoning all three. Who will end up on top?


"John Ford Clayton has followed up his first book “Manipulated” with another outstanding, thrilling novel 'Presidential Power'.  He has an uncanny ability to write in a way that you might actually believe the story is non-fiction, particularly in today’s political climate.  You don’t have to have read Manipulated to thoroughly enjoy Presidential Power, but it makes you want to read the first if you haven’t already and gets you excited about seeing the final book of the trilogy. I know I can’t wait!"

Bob E.

"If  you liked Manipulated, you won't be able to put this book down either!  The plot twists and turns will make you yearn to find out what happens next!"

Tyler M.

"Presidential Power is every bit the political thriller as its predecessor, Manipulated. It leaves you eagerly anticipating the next installment!

Art. H.

"Presidential Power is absolutely riveting! Just like Manipulated, I couldn't put it down!

Tanya T.

"Presidential Power is a page-turning thrill-ride through 21st century politics! It feels like it is written right out of today's headlines but with a behind-the-scenes look. It makes you wonder, is this what's really happening inside America's most powerful institutions.

Jean C.

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