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Presidential Power Locales
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Presidential Power Cast

Primary Characters

Elijah Mustang – Former CEO of a large trucking company based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Elijah made an improbable run as an independent candidate for President in 2016 garnering far more votes than either the democrat or republican candidate. However, the three-way battle left Elijah just shy of the 270 electoral votes required to be elected president. In the aftermath of the election Elijah is trying to regain his bearings the best way he knows how; by serving others.


Victor Youngblood – Age 76 but could easily pass for a man 20 years younger. Founder and longtime leader of the mammoth clandestine organization known as Mouse Trap. Normally an apex predator, Victor finds himself in unfamiliar territory as Presidential Power begins.


Jeremy Prince – Former protégé of Victor Youngblood, Jeremy joined Mouse Trap in his early 20s and experienced a dramatic rise through the ranks to be Victor’s right-hand man. An equally dramatic fall sent Jeremy back to his hometown of Abingdon, Virginia to work for his father at Prince’s Hardware, the family business.


Secondary Characters

Admiral Jackson Adair – Retired Navy admiral and Elijah Mustang’s 2016 presidential running mate. Leads the effort to close down the campaign but gets an unexpected opportunity to keep the movement going.


Mitch McCoy – Elected President of the United States in 2016 with only 39% of the popular vote and 41% of the electoral vote. 38-year-old Democrat from Connecticut whose father was 4 term congressman and 3 term senator.


Andrei Ovchenko – Former Soviet General, for the past 20 years has served as head of Mouse Trap’s enforcement arm, known as Mouse Trap’s Blackforce. Although short in stature, Ovchenko has an intimidating presence accentuated by his black eyepatch.


Savannah Lynch – Former Mouse Trap team member, she was responsible for Jeremy Prince’s recruitment. Although they parted ways when Mouse Trap was disbanded, Savannah and Jeremy are brought back together in Presidential Power to rekindle the relationship.


Zeke Gibson – Joined Victor Youngblood in Mouse Trap in 1969, Zeke is Victor’s most trusted team member and friend. At age 78, Zeke still maintains an energetic life that still promises many more adventures.


Riley Indigo – First serving as Mitch McCoy’s campaign manager, Indigo becomes the President’s Chief of Staff. An important question remains; where do his real loyalties lie?


Leonard Applebaum – Primary designer and system administrator for Mouse Trap’s supercomputer Omnia, the stereotypical computer nerd Leonard is thrust into the middle of the action.


Rosita Prince – Mother of Jeremy Prince and wife to Walter Prince. Rosita helps to manage the family hardware store.


Walter Prince – Father of Jeremy Prince and owner of Prince’s Hardware


Minnie Carpenter – Most recently serving as chief operations officer of the U.S.’ second largest cell phone provider, Minnie ascends to the head of the Mustang movement, the successor to the Mustang for President campaign.


Thomas Hanover – Chief of the FBI’s Criminal Enterprise Branch, Hanover is asked to lead Task Force Terracotta, an investigation into Victor Youngblood’s Mouse Trap.


Ben Gossett – FBI agent specializing in accounting with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Vanderbilt.


Minor Characters

Beau Trenton – Carpenter and young father who is befriended by Elijah Mustang.


Sheriff Buck Earnest – Sheriff of Rock Spring, Wyoming


Brett Taylor – Campaign consultant to the Mustang for President campaign and follow-on Mustang movement.


Janell Adair – Admiral Jackson Adair’s wife of 37 years.


Scott Foster – CEO of Dominion Media, a highly diversified media and entertainment conglomerate.


Eric Mathis – 18-year-old student from Paducah, Kentucky. Active in the Mustang movement.


Will and Seth Trout – Teenage brothers from North Carolina who go hunting and stumble upon an unexpected encounter.


Warren Bodkin – Sheriff of Bull Gap, North Carolina.


Grady Shumpert – Deputy of Bull Gap, North Carolina.


Harry Polivick – Warden of the supermax prison ADX Florence.


Javier Ramirez – Works as a prison guard at ADX Florence.


Gavin Thompson – FBI Director.


Bubba Driscoll, Ted Beckett, and Percy Glanville – Friend of Elijah Mustang and member of the Liar’s Jokers and Thieves Club at the American Eagle Diner in Kingston, Tennessee.


Billy Murdoch – FBI agent specializing in banking and finance.


Elizabeth Sanders – FBI agent specializing in real estate.


Lucy Cross – FBI agent specializing in identity theft.


Cassidy Ramirez – Mouse Trap IT specialist assigned to ‘help’ Omni administrator Leonard Applebaum.


Breland Fleming – Attorney General.


Eugene and Gloria McCoy – Parents of President Mitch McCoy

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